Abrazi captures beautiful moments in handmade jewelry. Your dream day in timeless designs. Matching who you are and where you are; made for your moment.

Pearls, Swarovski, and you

Dazzling in style and class


Every piece of jewelry is unique because it’s handmade for you as a bride or the radiant belle of the ball. It matches who you are and the occasion.

You can find your own taste in a collection that dazzles and shines: Pearls and crystals, large and striking or small and subtle. Choose something that makes your heart skip a beat; then you know it’s right.

Bright Swarovski crystals, pure silver and gold, or a stylish layer to complete the piece: Everything is possible and available to you, as long as it dazzles in quality and is made to last – those are Abrazi standards.

Abrazi - made in Italy

Abrazi provides the consumer with a 5 year International Warranty on manufacturing and faulty products.



  • Swarovski crystal pearls
  • Laboratory made
  • A fine powder of crystal glass compressed over a bead
  • Does not discolour or lose its lustre
  • Can be worn in water
  • Australia is stocking the crystal white pearl
  • Limited edition rose gold and yellow gold collections
  • Available in different colours to compliment outfits, Special order 8 week delivery
  • No returns on special orders to be paid at time of order


  • Mirror backed Swarovski crystal
  • Shapes used round, marquise, oval, cushion, radiant, oblong
  • Faceted Swarovski beads


  • Highest grade base materials, main composition being copper with alloy to allow the metal to be malleable
  • Rhodium and silver plating composition
  • Sterling silver clasps for longevity
  • Hand assembled Abrazi brand tags, designed to keep the weight evenly distributed to avoid the clasp coming to the front
  • 42cm-50cm, adjustable